Jamkey’s specifications

4 - Jamkey Orange piccola

What’s in a master keyboard, after all?  Quite a lot of controls — here you are the breakdown.



  • The MIDI output of every Jamkey control can be customized using the freely provided editor for PC and Mac. 
  • The central area can easily hold a laptop or a tablet computer.



  • Two Fatar TP8o (Premium Waterfall Action keyboard)
  • 61 and 73 keys
  • Touch sensitivity


  • Two sets of 9 drawbars for upper and lower (can be configured as generic slider controls, e.g. for controlling a mixer)
  • A set of 2 drawbars for bass pedalboard

Organ-specific controls (rotative)

  • 8 rotative controls preassigned to Volume, Drive, Click Volume, Reverb, Equalizer (bass, mid-frequency, middle, treble)

Organ-specific buttons (LED-backlit)

  • Percussion: On/Off, Soft/Normal volume, Slow/Fast decay, Second/Third harmony.
  • Vibrato: Upper On/Off, Lower On/Off, type selection.
  • Rotor: On/Off, Slow/Fast
  • Upper keyboard transpose: Up/Down
  • Lower Keyboard Transpose Up/Down

Generic synth controls

  • 8 freely assignable rotative controls
  • 8 freely assignable buttons with LED-backlit
  • 8 freely assignable pad controls
  • 6 buttons with LED-backlit, for issuing Play, Stop, Rec, Rewind, Fast-forward and Loop commands to external sequencers
  • 8 buttons for storing / retrieving custom “patches” (complete instrument setups)
  • Midi learn button
  • Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels

Rear panel connections

  • Four 1⁄4-inch jack ports for the following pedal controls: 2 Volume/Expression (assignable) and 2 Sustain (assignable)
  • In and Out MIDI ports
  • 1 USB port for MIDI
  • DC and On/Off main switch

3 - Jamkey Orange piccola

Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice.

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