One controller to rule them all

How many virtual instruments do you have? Probably a lot. But how do you control them when you’re on stage?

Think of a master keyboard equipped with two top-quality keyboards and a wealth of rotative and button controls (including two sets of drawbars).

That’s the Jamkey.

Equipped with sensible defaults

The Jamkey simplifies your life. On the left panel, you’ve got all the classic organ controls.  On the right, you’ve got programmable buttons (and with our editor it’s a breeze to customize your Jamkey).

Do you carry a computer on stage? The central area can easily accommodate your laptop or tablet (see the complete specifications).

See it in action

We’ve put together a 4-minutes video to let you see the JamKey in action. Enjoy!

Shipping NOW. Available in black, orange or red.

Not sure where to buy? Drop us a line at and we'll help.

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